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SteamBuddy Iron (4mua HIR-SB1)

SteamBuddy Iron
STEAM BUDDY STEAMER CLEANER STEAMBUDDY removes wrinkles from clothing and fabrics with pure H2O Steam. Steam Buddy Steamer Cleaner Steambuddy handheld steamer is light and portable, yet works like a big H2O Steamer putting out a steam whoosh that penetrates jackets, blouses and shirts. You can even spot removes stains from carpets with powerful H2O steam.

STEAM BUDDY Steamer Cleaner Steambuddy is the fastest, easiest and safest way to remove those stubborn wrinkles.

Steam Buddy Steamer Cleaner Steambuddy Package includes:

1 Steam Buddy with Pants Creaser
Water Dispenser
Fabric Brush Attachment
Steam Buddy Cleaning Brush

Product Features: Steam Buddy Steamer vs. Regular Irons

SteamBuddy :

* Light Weight & heats in seconds * Remove Wrinkles & Odors
* Gentle on Fabrics
* Easy for travel, portable & compact

How to use:
* Hang up article
* Fill Steam Buddy with water
* Plug iRun steamer over article with a sweeping motion
allowing steam to straighten wrinkles away

Not just for clothes:
* Drapes & Sheers
* Table Clothes & Bedding
* Cloth Shower Curtains
* Upholstered Furniture

* Note:
- Delivery 1-3 in Saigon, 3 - 7 days in other towns
- Model can be changed to seasons and local area

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