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Dendrobium Orchids flowers in vase of Birthday (4mua VAO-007N)
By Qu tặng cho mọi lứa tuổi (All Ages)

Loving Orchids
Dendrobium Orchids flowers in vase (or Basket)
Beautiful and long-lasting, this glass vase filled with purple dendrobium orchids and exotic greens is perfect for expressing your thoughts.
Avaiable year around in Saigon and Hanoi. Limited in some small provinces. Subsitute may be requested. Same day delivery.


* Note: 
- Photos are for illustrative purposes. Flower content and colors may vary according to local and seasonal availability to provide uniqueness.
- Some hotels, hospitals, businesses, schools, for security reasons, do not let our staff deliver flowers. In this case, our staff will to delivered receptionist the signature


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Dendrobium Orchids flowers in vase of Birthday (4mua VAO-007N)
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Champagne 750ml Drink (bonmua VOT-012B)
Champagne 750ml Drink (bonmua VOT-012B)
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